Seasonal Allergy Tincture 30ml
Seasonal Allergy Tincture 30ml

Seasonal Allergy Tincture 30ml

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    This formula was designed to support natural immune functions during the hay fever season. 

    • Helps support natural immune function during occurrences of seasonal allergy.
    • Originally designed for the hay fever season.
    • Sweet tasting glycerin-based formula for easy feeding.
    • 100% human grade, sustainably sourced ingredients.
    • Used and recommended by veterinarians
    • Suitable for animals of all ages.

    Composition: Vegetable glycerin, distilled water, certified organic Nettle leaf, Licorice root, Burdock root and Eyebright herb, grain alcohol less than 3% by volume.

    All tinctures include a graduated, shatter-proof dropper pipette for accurate dosing.