Seaweed Calcium Powder 340g
Seaweed Calcium Powder 340g

Seaweed Calcium Powder 340g

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    Calcium deficiency can cause restlessness, muscle twitching, stiffness and panting. Post thyroid surgery may also affect calcium levels. Our natural calcified product contains valuable nutrients in the form of very small porous particles. These qualities facilitate rapid digestion and thereby improve bioavailability of otherwise hard to absorb nutrients. Animal Essentials seaweed calcium also contains magnesium which helps calcium absorption into the bone.

    • For supplementing calcium in home prepared or raw food diets
    • Up to 50% better absorption than bone meal and other forms of calcium
    • Tested for purity
    • Sustainably harvested from the pristine sea beds of Iceland.
    • Neutral flavored, odorless powder is easy to feed.

    Composition: 100% Dehydrated Kelp.